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5 Expectations of Web Magazine Consumers

Web magazine consumers like to read their magazines like they read their news – online.

Users are becoming more accustomed to viewing magazine content in the form of web magazines. Web editions can be displayed on any mobile or desktop device, so users are as familiar with the interface as they are with a web browser, which is making adoption even more rapid than tablet editions.

If you’re considering building a web edition, it’s good to know what the most important web magazine features are for those who are subscribing. Moreover, if you haven’t built a web magazine with an archive yet, read up on the many benefits.

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Five expectations of web magazine consumers

The same content from the print magazine is available (maybe more). This feature is a given, right? Not so, because we’ve seen many publishers leave out the smaller editorial pieces and clips from their print magazines when it comes to digital editions. Try attaching these smaller snippets, formatted to stand out, at the bottom of the same articles they’re paired with in your print magazine. Users expect to see the full edition and more, in digital.

It’s readable and conforms to any device. This is the number one request of users who consume digital magazines. Those who dislike tablet magazines have a distaste because they are tired of having to learn and re-learn different interfaces between every magazine they subscribe to. When they want to read an article, they want to scroll to read as they can online, while many publishers force readers to pinch and zoom a PDF or flip pages like print. Take advantage of the features of web magazines, like scrollable text, and your readers will thank you.

It can be shared, saved, and bookmarked. The user understands non-subscribers can’t read premium content, but they want to be able to share it anyway. They also want to be able to save and bookmark content to come back to later, which is a built-in feature in any internet browser they’ll use to view the web edition.

Archives are available to view older issues. If your magazine has been in business for ten to twenty years or longer, then you have a mighty back-issue archive still to digitize, but it will become your most significant resource of new content and passive income. Offering this archive of older issues is not only a bonus for your readers, but is also a huge selling point for upselling print subscribers to digital subscribers.

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