Sales Letter Landing Pages

Sales Letter Landing Pages are traditional direct response sales letters that are used to maximize the conversion rate for a paid, usually credit-card-required offer for a paid information product. These same letters are often used in email and postal direct marketing programs.

A sales letter landing page is a conversion landing page.

These landing pages are where targeted website traffic is driven when the publisher is deciding where to send the traffic. Conversion Landing Pages may or may not be designed to attract traffic—but are designed to convert the traffic that arrives via links that the publisher can control, like PPC (pay-per-click), affiliate advertising, paid advertising or any other links controlled by the publisher.

The eCommerce Conversion Architecture for Conversion Landing Pages is overt and aggressive since conversion to order is the page’s singular strategic intent. Text links, order buttons and order forms are the three most common devices that website designers use to empower the user to initiate a direct response transaction.


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