Ways of Increasing Website Traffic and How to Use Internal Links to Increase Google Page Rank

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 33 ways of increasing website traffic and building email marketing lists.

(Nationwide)—Linking to pages within your site is a good way of defining the pages you own. By doing so you, publishers are telling Google which pages are considered to be priority within a website.

While deciding on which pages to link to, consider all the pages within a website. The best pages to link to are ones that have proper conversion architecture and can either produce a new email marketing list subscriber, a lead or a sale.

For online publishers and content marketers who give away a lot of content for free, pointing to the most popular free content products will help lead to the most conversions.

The following list includes suggestions of places internal links should come from:

-Topic pages. If there’s a topic page that includes the keyword phrases related to a downloadable product, then there should be a link to rapid conversion landing page from the top of the topic page. The topic page is the place that lists all articles within a certain topic. The best place to include a link to a free product is right under the brief summary paragraph on each given topic.

-Related posts. Isolate 35-50 posts that use the same keyword phrase and insert a text ad within the top 300 words of the post. The text ad should link to the rapid conversion landing page for the associated topic.

-Author pages. If you have an Author page, anyone who has created a free report or product should have a link to it in their bio.

-Glossary pages. On the 5-10 glossary terms that most closely relate to a free downloadable product, you should have “and for more information on XYZ, download our free report on XYZ” underneath the glossary definition.

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