Mequoda Weekly: February 18th, 2013 – February 22nd, 2013

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Organic Marketing Consulting 101

marketing to spending time on a disciplined strategy, proven to increase traffic and get your message out with paying for it.

Organic marketing consulting is something we do at Mequoda everyday, yet we don’t always call it that. It’s important for all digital publishers and marketers to realize that organic marketing has multiple names, including content marketing and earned media. Although the names are different, the overall concept is the same. Keep Reading


As an Online Copywriter, Your Job is to Meet Dueling Demands

Online copywriting has made it necessary for us, ah, mature copywriters to update our existing skills to meet new demands. And even if you’re a digital native who learned online copywriting right off the bat, the strategies for creating copy that’s both persuasive and optimized aren’t easy to remember when you’re cranking out copy by the ton.

After all, not everyone is capable of turning the fine art of writing into the science of online copywriting. Online copywriters are a hybrid breed, and if you master this craft, you’ll always be in demand and never lack for work.

As an online copywriter who also teaches this craft to others, I have to continually polish my skills. It’s always worth reviewing the mandates of the online copywriting world! I’m going to get some practice in online copywriting by tweaking the examples below. And I encourage you to take these “before” examples and practice for yourself, before you read my versions. Keep Reading


5 Ways to Fight Common Website Security Risks

You buy a home, you fill it with nice things. To secure your home, you add locks to the doors, sensors to the windows and all kinds of other security systems.

Isn’t your website kind of like a home? You fill it will valuable content. You build your site’s readership. In time it becomes a web property.

You’ve spent all this time building your web property, but it’s possible that you’ve forgotten that there are several ways to secure the content that you produce. Keep Reading


Email Analytics: Unsubscribes & Bounces in a Nutshell

Most publishers have three basic sets of online analytics to look at: website, email and social media. There are smaller buckets that fit into each category, but for the most part, these are at the top.

Within email analytics there are two numbers that we have the greatest ability to work with. The human element of email analytics has room for adjustment but is mostly out of our control. We can’t force people to sign up for our newsletter, we can’t get them to read the whole thing, and we can’t get them to click links if our copy isn’t compelling enough.

A few things we can do is lower bounce rates and decrease unsubscribes. These two metrics don’t involve subscribers as much as they do architecture. You can lower bounce rates by cleaning your list, and you can decrease unsubscribes by re-engineering the unsubscribe process.

Using these two numbers, you can determine your email retention rate:

(# of subscribers – bounces – unsubscribes)/# of subscribers

Let’s talk a little more about these numbers. Keep Reading


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