Why Email Click-Through Rates Matter

A look at top articles on email marketing from this summer

How much time do you spend on your email marketing strategy? Do you ever wish to spend less time with email and more time with social media or search engine optimization?

These thoughts have probably developed within your organization before. Social media is extremely popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down too much. Search engine optimized content can lead to more website visitors around the clock, too. But the right audience may not always see you. Even though search and social have valuable places online, they don’t quite have the allure of email marketing.


Email marketing has the opportunity to present a product or service while providing concrete reasons to buy. This method of promotion doesn’t work as well in social media where people want to have more conversational interactions. Search is valuable for brand recognition and building email lists initially, but it doesn’t necessary correlate to immediate sales.

Click-through rates matter because they lead to sales. Does your email newsletter have a direct relationship to sales?

If you need some help with your email marketing, here are a few of our top articles on the subject from summer 2012:

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