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Tag: facebook ads

Protected: Executive Council Update: 9 Ideas Shared at the Mequoda Summit

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Savvy Digital Publishers Driving Website Traffic & Controlling Brand Identity

Digital publishers at The Economist, Bonnier, and New York Media share techniques for driving traffic; Publishers use social media to enhance brand identity
Audience development is a major factor in the growth of brands of digital publishers. Today we’re sharing some tips shared by an array of publishers who are driving more traffic and using social

Facebook Cracks Down on Fake News

Fake news prompts algorithm experiments at Facebook
We’ve written a lot lately about fake news, not only because of its influence on our recent election but also because the search and social giants are making strides to change their algorithms to filter fake news out. And with every tweak in an algorithm it does have the

New Facebook Flex Targeting Finally Gets Your Paid FB Ads in Front of a Relevant Audience

The Facebook flex and-or exclusion targeting can help you narrow down your target audience for Facebook ads like never before
Remember the days of putting your paid Facebook advertising budget money into a massive digital marketing black hole, because the ad targeting only allowed you broad audience options?

Well they’ll soon be faded from memory like a

How to Write a Facebook Post Better in Five Steps

Nobody ever learns how to write a Facebook post, they just do it. Now you can do it better than everybody else.

Working in the B2B realm, Facebook isn’t exactly our go-to resource for getting social media traffic. Sure, we use it to help with SEO and some of our content does get passed around, but

Digital Advertising News: Buyers Want Viewability Data, While Nielsen Wants Brains

All roads lead to viewability. This is not digital advertising news for anyone paying attention. Without it – or without a plan to establish it – publishers could be in some trouble, particularly on mobile. Advertising Age examines the issue in a couple of recent articles, while ruminating on sponsored content in a couple of others. Bonus content: Some big news from USA Today.

Programmatic Ad Sales for Publishers: The Road Ahead

Are the robots finally taking over? Does the emergence of programmatic ad sales as a preferred revenue model signal a sea change for publishers? And, if so, are you ready? Recently, we found five articles across MediaPost’s Real-Time Daily, Media Daily News, and RTB Insider titles that focus on the automated ad market – and the current implications for publishers.

How to Buy Traffic to Your Articles via Social Media Ads

Social media is undoubtedly the best way to get your articles shared. Since 2007 or so, the social media world has become a go-to spot for businesses who are looking to create content and then market it to the masses. Some would argue that social media is meant to be a one-to-one platform, but realists know that it’s a one-to-many platform.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading articles about the “old days” of social media. The days where people listened more than they spoke, and they conversated more than they retweeted and shared.

We’re pretty cool with both – we like engagement, but we also enjoy getting shared. One thing is true – you have to work a little harder these days to be seen in social media. Once you are, you visibility will skyrocket, but getting to the point of noticed is a challenge in itself.

How Badly Is Google Digital Advertising Beating the Field?

Google digital advertising generated more than $61 billion in revenue last year, more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, The New York Times, the Guardian, and BuzzFeed combined. This isn’t the only metric Google is winning, either.

Can This Mobile Advertising Network Compete with Google?

It’s official: Now anyone can buy ads on Facebook’s new Audience Network — the social giant’s mobile ad network.

Publishers Talk About Tapping into Social Media Narcissism

There are social networks that share everything from your minute-to-minute activities, to your credit card spending, to your photos, to your travel information. It’s no wonder that, like a reality show, feeding into people’s egos can be a brilliant way to get attention.

11 Tips for Cleaning Up Dusty Social Media Profiles

The words “spring cleaning” draw up images of folded laundry, clean windows and dust-free shelves. But what about “profile cleaning?” Think about all the social networks you’re on, but aren’t your everyday tools (it’s OK, we all have favorites). Since social networks change their structure every couple of months, it’s easy for your business profile to look dusty and unkept.

What’s Right for You, Facebook’s Sponsored Stories or Promoted Posts?

Does one of Facebook’s featured ad types work better for your audience? Let’s take a look at your options

Hearing the term “Sponsored Stories” makes me immediately think about digital publishers. Aren’t we all sharing some form of story, after all? Under this basis, it would seem that sponsoring a story and targeting your core audience with it is a good idea. But does your audience pay attention to paid promotions, or do they want something more organic? Although also a paid option, Promoted Posts appear to be more organic because of their placement.

Favorable Social Media Stats Excite Digital Publishers

News on Twitter and Facebook show potential for advertising, traffic driving

I’ve been saying for a while that Twitter is, by nature, a publisher’s true friend. It is a micropublishing avenue for succinct copy, and the promotion of aligned content. Plus, when used properly, it can be very helpful in driving more traffic to your website.

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project called “Twitter Use 2012” shows that Twitter is being used more than ever before. Twitter’s “use on a typical day” is at 8%, higher than last year’s record of 5%. It’s total use, between daily and non-daily users, is at 15%, higher than 2011’s record of 13%. The biggest growth is currently seen in the 18-24 year old demographic.

A Collection of Resources for Using Facebook

Increasing engagement with your Facebook page

The evolution of Facebook has been quite rapid. I recall when the social network first appeared, available to a few dozen college populations with valid school email addresses. Then it opened to any user with a valid email address. Now, with over 900 million users, businesses have been growing audiences, sharing content, and selling products.

Did Facebook Convince You to Start Buying Ads Too?

According to Peter Kafka on All Things Digital, Facebook brought in 3.15 billion ad dollars last year, saying that “revenue increased, in part because it served up 42 percent more ads, and in part because it was able to charge an average of 18 percent more for each ad it served.”

And right before last week’s big Facebook announcement, Kafka predicted that Facebook was “still selling the sellers, trying to convince them to send real money — Google-sized money, or better yet, TV-sized money — their way.”

5 New Ad Platforms Publishers Are Trying in 2012

Google Adwords might still be the best platform for generating traffic to your website, but there are several other growing ad networks with very niche communities that you might want to start checking out. The downfall to Google Adwords is that you’re really relying on keywords and geographic location in terms of how specific you can target clicks, and this can get expensive. The smaller you can make your target, the less you’ll spend and the more qualified leads you’ll be sending back to your website.