Can This Mobile Advertising Network Compete with Google?


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It’s official: Now anyone can buy ads on Facebook’s new Audience Network — the social giant’s mobile ad network.

What will this new mobile ad network mean for Google, who currently owns the market in mobile advertising? The Ad Age article cites some data from eMarketer in answering that question. “Projected by eMarketer to rake in 22% of global net mobile ad revenue this year, Facebook ranks second behind Google, which is expected to take 47% of the market.”

Google currently offers advertising in search as well as advertising across the AdMob mobile network, which comprises of more than 300,000 apps. Facebook is offering advertising on its mobile ad network only to those who also buy Facebook ads. According to Ad Age, “Advertisers can target the ads in third-party apps with the same targeting options they use to aim their Facebook ads, such as age, gender, interests and whether someone is in their customer database or has similar qualities as existing customers.”

It will be interesting to watch two major digital giants go head to head in the world of mobile advertising.

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