SEO Press Release Guidelines Re-Released with Some New Content

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The world of journalists, bloggers and news aficionados has grown to an exorbitant size because of the internet. This notion should excite all of the communications people out there because the audience of people interested in newsworthy content has grown and is more accessible.

Along with that, the mediums that can be utilized to promote have grown. Dozens of press release distribution websites are available throughout the internet, many of which offer free options for publishing and distributing your newsworthy stories.

The most convincing reason I could list as to why you should take the time to run these press campaigns consists of one word: Google. We have seen our releases on Google search engines as high as page 1. One of our press releases was even ranked above the free report’s rclp link for a few days, before the rapid conversion landing page ended up taking its place. So for those few days we had multiple links to the free report on page 1 of Google.

Download our SEO Press Release Guidelines Free Report now

Think of it like this…

If your release contains a keyword phrase that receives 20,000 global hits monthly, and your press release lands on Google’s page 1 for a week, that is potentially 5,000 people viewing your release.  If you do a campaign each week like we do, the numbers behind your visibility will rise quickly.

Online Press Release Guidelines Re-Release

We are re-releasing this free report because the value behind it is huge in creating more visibility for your company.

Within it, you will find these following tips:
SEO Press Release Guideline #1 – How to title your press release
SEO Press Release Guideline #2 – How to isolate a free product for your release
SEO Press Release Guideline #3 – SEO tips for press releases
SEO Press Release Guideline #4 – How to publish press releases online
SEO Press Release Guideline #5 – Social Media press releases
SEO Press Release Guideline #6 – Executing a press campaign with free distribution

The last tip above “Executing a Press Campaign with Free Distribution” is a new installment in the free report. It discusses the many free press release sites, which ones we like here at Mequoda and why we like them.

This free report will provide you with information that has helped us gain more visibility. It can do the same for you.

Download our SEO Press Release Guidelines Free Report now


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