SEO Link Building – “If Content is King, Links Are Queen”

Start building links to your articles and landing pages by implementing a “10 links a day” policy

In an article called 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love in Search Engine Journal, Richard Burckhardt says “If content is king, then links are queen”.

This is one of the most important things that many publishers miss the boat on, when they are developing their own SEO Campaigns. It’s just as important to write content that is pleasing to your readers and to search engines, as it is to make sure that people are linking to it.

At PodCamp Boston 4 back in September, speaker Chris Penn told the audience that “if your goal is to build incoming links, you should set yourself a goal of generating 10 inbound links a day. It can be your own links that you drive from third-party websites or social networks, but they should encourage re-posting and links back”.

If your goal is to build 10 inbound links a day, it might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. It’s easy to leave a valuable comment on a blog that links back to a free white paper or article on a relevant subject.

If you’re answering a question that the blogger is asking, you’re giving yourself a valuable inbound link back to your site.


If your goal is to distribute a free report and build your email subscriber list, make sure that you’ve written and distributed an online press release for every report you launch. This builds inbound links back to your website in no time with less effort than writing compelling and persuasive blog comments.

Other places you can build links include: your LinkedIn or Facebook profile status, in book reviews on external websites (only in books you’ve read and only if your report is directly relevant), on Twitter, on related social networks and forums—the list goes on.

Try compiling your own list of link hotspots. Don’t partner with those spammers who will contact you for a link-exchange. Or if you do, make sure to check out their website and find some kind of reference of legitimacy. Google will dock you points if they think you’re exchanging links with a “link farm”.

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    It’s crazy how far SEO has come since this was written… although I think back in 2009, links were king by far. Content barely mattered at all, lol. Nowadays it’s the completely opposite though, content most definitely is king now.

    Prince Z.

    Link building is important because it is basically like a vote to tell search engines how popular a website is. This can basically be seen as a popularity contest. The more votes a website has the more popular it is. Search engines award this popularity by giving websites a higher ranking and more exposure.


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