5 Free Ways Generate Website Traffic

How to increase website traffic for free!

We’re always looking for ways to increase website traffic, especially if it’s free. And yes, there are ways to generate website traffic for free. You may already be doing some of these, and you may have others to add to our list.

Here are 5 ways to generate website traffic that won’t cost anything:

Give away more free stuff. The more content you can make available for free — samples, white papers, software, tutorials, tips, coupons, contest prizes, etc. — the more people will link to you and pass it on.  This will not only increase website traffic but also increase inbound links.

Name your Images. Use keywords and phrases in the file name and tag. For example: landing-page-template.jpg with an alternate tag of “Landing Page Template.” One more way to get ranked on search engines.

Write guest blog articles. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers, Google Groups or LinkedIn Answers; submit reviews on Yelp, Amazon, ePinions, and Alexa; comment on popular industry blogs and forums; post and comment on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn about your industry. Link back to your website when appropriate. The bonus here is a boost to your reputation as an expert in your niche.


Distribute a free press release. Send out a press release every time you create a new product or service and link to yourself in it. Here’s a link to our list of the top 10 free press release sites. Another 2 for 1, generating website traffic and inbound links.

Check your keyword density and tweak as needed. Keywords and phrases for a page should be around 3-5 percent of the total text and links of any particular page. The more pages that are ranked, the more entry points your Website will have.

Do have any other ideas to add to our list? Tell us how you generate website traffic for free.


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