5 More Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Here are more 5 ways you can improve your Internet marketing strategy that will increase website traffic and boost email marketing conversion rates

Set up an affiliate program. Find partners that are compatible within your niche. Well-established websites with lots of traffic are most desirable. Create a mutually beneficial (win-win) relationship with other marketers, and you can harness their influence to turn many of their customers into your customers. An effective affiliate marketing program depends on establishing trust. Make sure you keep track of your affiliate referrals and pay them in a timely manner.

Stay on topic. Personal stories are great, but every post should not be all about you, your family, or your experiences. Personal anecdotes can help the reader connect with you but it can get tiring, even annoying if overdone. Concentrate on high quality content that’s relevant to your readers. After all, that’s what they expect to receive.

Hold a live event for subscribers only. The Internet is great but real people still like to socialize and network with real people that share a common interest. For a B2B, consider a meeting for networking purposes or a seminar for intensive training.  For a B2C, consider a class, competition, trade show, craft fair, concert or whatever event fits your product best.

A great example, and an amazingly successful one, was Weekend With the Masters, put on by Interweave Press for their American Artist brand last year at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. The buzz that live event created carried through the rest of the year.

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Follow up on all orders. First, make sure your customers are fully satisfied with each purchase. Second, offer additional products or services that may interest them. This can be done through a follow up email, survey, even a good old-fashioned phone call.

Offer unique content. While you may be targeting a smaller audience, you will be filling a void by providing niche content.  You will find these are some of the most successful websites with very loyal readers.

A great example of niche content is Firehouse.com, who’s target audience is obviously anyone associated with the Fire & Rescue Dept. According to Compete.com, they receive over 100,ooo unique visitors a month.


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