Email and Social Media Belong Together

The combination of the two will likely improve email campaigns

What makes for a successful email campaign?

Is it the email template you use? The information you provide? What about the combination of editorial and marketing content?

All of these email campaign attributes are valuable, but one not listed may be the most beneficial.

According to an article on Mashable, online marketers are using social media more in their email campaigns and the majority of them are seeing “at least somewhat better” results.

21% of those surveyed reported receiving significantly better results from social media in their email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, 34% of online marketers said social media has the greatest positive effect when integrated with email. This percentage is compared to web analytics, which received 29% of the vote.

Finally, these same online marketers rated social media as the third best opt-in email list builder, behind onsite registration forms and email marketing itself.

For online publishers not currently engaging in the practice of having social media in email campaigns, simply putting a linked icon to your Twitter or Facebook page can make a big difference. Try inserting these icons directly next to articles or in the right nav.

For more about social media and email integration, check out this article from Mashable.

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