How to Get the Most From Email Marketing

5 tips for a better email marketing process

How often do you pay attention to your email file?

Even if you see it growing on a regular basis, have you taken the time to look deeper into the statistics behind your list? Doing so will help you clean up your list and create segments of your most valuable customers.

The following tips come from a recent eMedia Vitals article that all email marketers should pay attention to.

5 tips for better email marketing

#1 – Clean up your list. Think of your email list in terms of quality over quantity. You may not want to remove inactive email addresses from your list because the overall total will decrease, but you will be left with better recipients; people who actually open and read your content. By eliminating the clutter of inactive subscribers, you will be improving both your open and click through rates. If you work with advertisers, better click through and open rates will be attractive to them.

#2 – Decipher who is really inactive. Before conducting any list purges, it’s important to monitor the activity of your subscribers. Begin by separating your active and inactive users. To do this, set a time frame of inactivity. For instance, if someone doesn’t open your email in three-six months, you may want to consider that recipient as inactive.

After you’ve compiled a list of inactive users, you should consider reaching out to these individuals. Maybe they forgot about how great your content is, right? A reminder email should offer your newest free downloads to reengage the audience.

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#3 – Meet your audience where they want to communicate. First, give your audience members subscription options. For instance, at the Mequoda Daily we offer the options of daily editorial emails, promotional emails and a week in review email that only gets emailed on Saturdays.

If a subscriber wants to be removed from the email process, encourage them to continue following your content through social media or RSS.

#4 – Engagement is key. When an audience member signs up for your email newsletter, they are fully interested at that moment. They’ve taken the time and effort to give you their content information, and they want to receive your content. This is the time when you need to start the engagement process. Send a welcome email and helps them get familiarized with your content and how your website is set up. Keep that engagement going throughout your relationship by asking for input on articles.

#5 – Compile relevant data. In addition to segmenting active users and inactive users, you can create a list of buyers so you know who your most interested audience members are.

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