How to Use Social Media for PR

5 tips from PR Newswire that will help you get the most from social media

It’s hard to fathom the impact social media has had on the publishing and marketing worlds.

Seriously…think about how big social networking has become throughout all age groups. It was reported recently that Facebook has 750 million users and Twitter experiences 350 billion tweets each day. Combine that with the newly launched Google+, and it’s easy to see how social media impacts our world.

As content marketers and online publishers, we are drawn to social media. Michael Pranikoff, the director of emerging media at PR Newswire puts it, “technology behind social media has just made it easier for professionals in the communications industry to connect with their audiences more than ever before.”

Pranikoff’s article continues by listing five tips for making the most out of social media.

Five tips for using social media for PR

#1. Listen – What is your audience saying about your industry? What are they saying about your company specifically? What are their worries, and what are the questions they are asking? Listening to your audience will help you understand them better and allow you to build relationships that cater to their needs.

#2. Multimedia – Delivering content through the use of video or audio can help build a larger audience with people who expect more than just written articles.

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#3. SEO – Focusing on keyword phrases and incorporating them into your content will help your chances of getting indexed on search engines.

#4. Share – Do you make it easy for your audience to share your content? Adding social media buttons to your content helps audience members share it more easily.

#5. Transparency – The ability to be social allows companies to be more transparent. In times of tough economic change, transparency can be the difference in acquiring new business and scaring off prospects.

For Pranikoff’s explanations of these five tips for getting the most from social media activities, take a look at this article from PR Newswire.

Have you been trying these social media tips? How have they worked for you? Do you have other tips to share? Please write about them in the comments section below.


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