SEO Copywriting Tips for Writing Blog Posts

These SEO copywriting tips will help you rank higher, attracting new audience members

SEO copywriting is a unique creature, pairing creative content with technical guidelines. To be successful at the craft, one must strike a chord with the audience members by appealing to their emotions, self interests and mind set, following keyword phrase parameters that have been created by Google.

SEO copywriting is the ultimate mental workout. It combines the objective focus of the brain’s left hemisphere with the subjective focus of the brain’s right hemisphere; the creativity of stringing words together meets the analytical design of adding specific keywords and following other previously determined SEO “rules.”

Rules for SEO copywriting have been created to separate true content creators from spammers. It’s a necessary action to take in order to keep credibility in the industry, and allow great content to be found more easily.

As the Internet continues to evolve, SEO copywriting tips change as well. Specifications become increasingly more detailed and steps get added to the process of SEO copywriting.

Below are some SEO copywriting tips that copywriters can use to get better page ranks in Google.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #1:

Write effective, search engine optimized headlines, subheads and article descriptions that uses keyword phrases your audience searches. Use the Google Keyword Tool to determine what keyword phrases your audience is looking for.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #2:

Embed links. I still come across links in articles that aren’t embedded. Google prefers to have content linked with embedded links, opposed to the content creator writing out the link.

For example, this is how a link to our free report Organic Audience Development Strategy should look. Do not say, “Visit the free report here” and then insert a link. Linking the keyword phrase to another webpage containing information about the keyword phrase makes it a more valuable link.

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SEO Copywriting Tips, example #3:

Formatting. Consider bolding and italicizing keyword phrases, and put them in subheads. This will attract the readers’ eye by breaking the consistent formatting of your webpage. It will also help Google recognize your keyword phrases.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #4:

File Names. If you’re including direct downloads involving file names, be sure to add your primary keywords to the file name as well as the directory it’s in. This will have some SEO benefit for you. Doing this will make your URL, domain name and file name all relevant to your keyword-rich content.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #5:

Don’t forget about metadata associated with your posts. Incorporate keyword phrases into your meta-tags and meta-title for additional SEO strength.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #6:

Practice rewording your copy. We suggest this because you’ll want to have a balance between keywords and the rest of your copy. Remember, SEO copywriting is an art form. The written pieces need to sound natural and be interesting and engaging to the reader while incorporating the necessary keywords that will help your website get ranked in Google. Rewriting your copy will train you to be a better SEO copywriter and it will help you use keywords in the most natural ways.

SEO Copywriting Tips, example #7:

Google loves lists. Lists are an organized way of sharing content in a time efficient manner. Create lists that include your keywords while sharing valuable content. Google, and your audience, will appreciate it.

We’ll be updating this post with more SEO copywriting tips consistently. Have any we should add? Please enter your suggestion in the comments section.


Managing Editor Chris Sturk contributed content to this article.


Originally published 10/14/2010

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