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SEO Research & Reporting

Choosing the Right Keyword Phrases to Attract TargetedWebsite Traffic and Using the Google Visibility Index to Track SEO Success

Mequoda Summit “SEO Research & Reporting” Session Review:

In the days of old, editors had one primary responsibility: writing great content. Getting people to subscribe to, buy and read that content was someone else’ s job. In the online world, things are much different.

If an editor wants their content to be found and read online, they must learn to partner with Google. They need to understand what people are searching for that is related to the content they offer, and must write and produce content specifically to those search terms. It’s not easy, but it is necessary for online success.

But where to begin? What is the process for identifying, documenting and managing keywords and the editorial campaigns that should follow? Learn how research, analyze and monitor keywords while prioritizing online content development around those keywords to ensure they attract the targeted website traffic they deserve.

You will learn:

  • How to analyze and determine potential keywords, keyword popularity, and keyword competition
  • How to document all the various components for conducting keyword research
  • The process of identifying primary keywords
  • How primary keywords should define a website’s core architecture to increase overall usability and findability of the website
  • The process of identifying secondary keywords
  • How secondary keywords should drive meta tag pages to increase search engine traffic

In addition to keyword research, it’s also important for a publisher to understand the power of effective copywriting. Without it, information products don’ t get sold. Now imagine coupling the power of effective copywriting with keyword research and you’ re left with a winning copy combination that can’t be beat. Testing has shown that users are much more likely to respond to an offer online if their search inquiries are echoed in the copy they find.

In this session, you will learn how to combine the power of effective copywriting with keyword research to build email circulation and sell more subscriptions online. Learn how to conduct editorial/acquisition campaigns around your most valuable keyword terms and build a Google Visibility Report that will track your SEO success.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a Google Visibility Index to keep track of you keywords and search engine rankings
  • How to combine keyword phrases and power words to create winning headlines and subheads
  • How to craft copy points that will tell a story and get products
  • How to create call-to-actions that can’t be ignored
  • How to combine copy elements into various types of landing pages and order flows
  • How to effectively use keywords in Google text ads, conversion architecture, including OFIEs, OFINs and floaters and email newsletters and promotions
  • How to choose which keywords and copy elements belong in a Web page’s meta data

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