Two of the Most Important Resources for Mobile Design

For those publishers trying their hand at mobile email and mobile site design, they need to pay close attention to two main things: device guidelines and best practices.

Device guidelines remain the same, until new products are released into the marketplace. Currently, just below 50% of mobile phone subscribers own smartphones. This number is compared to 36% a year ago.

According to Nielsen, Android and Apple are the clear leaders in the smartphone market, as Android accounts for 48% and Apple 32%. Designing mobile content for Android and Apple provides the safest bets for publishers.

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A page on Breaking the Mobile Web is a great resource for developers working on mobile and tablet web app design. All the user interface guidelines are available for all of the major smartphone brands.

As for best practices, there is a constant evolution. Litmus provides the “anatomy of the perfect mobile email” with an easy-to-understand infographic. They even provide tips on what not to do in mobile email design.

These two resources are great for publishers working with developers on mobile content design. Be sure to acknowledge current best practices and user interface guidelines before publishing content for mobile devices.

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