Two Signs That You’re Probably Not a Blogger

How to start blogging for profit by transforming from publisher to blogger and vice versa

In general, bloggers don’t go around calling themselves publishers. Yet as publishers, we automatically assume that since we have a blog, we are bloggers.

So, what are publishers and content marketers missing? Proper staffing? Probably not. Great content? Very unlikely.

Let’s go ahead and define “real” bloggers as those who started on the web and primarily publish their content online through a periodical website.

Technically, sure, we’re bloggers. We’re on WordPress. Score!

But, would the real bloggers consider us bloggers? In many cases, no.

Since some publishers have started to call themselves bloggers, here’s what it takes to combine the blogger mentality with the traditional publishing mentality, and why you quite possibly may not be “blogger”:

You’re probably not a blogger if your online content is equal to your print content.

Do you have an online business plan? This isn’t a plan that only says what you’ll be taking from print and putting online. It’s a plan that holds the Internet as its own business model.

Who are your ONLINE competitors? What are others in your space doing ONLINE? What ONLINE metrics and goals must you set for yourself?

You’re probably not a blogger if you think having a 40 year old magazine automatically gives you online “street cred”.

Your traditional circulation or audience development plan doesn’t quite cover what it takes to be successful online. Sure the foundation is still the same: bring people to you. However, the strategy is entirely different.

The blogging community is (mostly) kind and close-knit. Bloggers exchange links, mentions and even promotional slots in their email newsletters, with other bloggers. It’s very much give and take.

Be part of the community. Leave comments, link to other bloggers and tell bloggers when you’ve linked to them. Be a positive source of content and collaboration.

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So what am I then?

I know, this is traumatic for you. You’re asking yourself, so where does my company fit in all of this?

Well, what is a publisher, really? A publisher produces and distributes content.

That sounds a lot like a blogger, right?

Ok, here’s the difference: an individual online presence. Bloggers are personal, they have online communities, they have reputations that stand alone from any print products they may begin to produce.

Even traditional bloggers are catching onto this whole multi-platform concept and are producing webinars, email newsletters, e-books and podcasts.

The point is: online is their breeding ground. This is where they grow, engage and thrive.
Quite honestly, traditional publishers have a lot to learn from the “newbie bloggers”. Bloggers often require a team of only one to produce daily content, weekly podcasts, and popular e-books.

Moral of the story: Stop taking yourself so seriously. Create an online home for your publication that doesn’t live by the rules of print. Grow an online community that may never have, and possibly never will interact with your print products. Create new products for your new audience and deliver your content on the platforms that your new audience wants.

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    Kill B.

    Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards, Reader.

    kieran k.

    This is a fantastic page for information, I only started a blog last week I don’t know the first thing about any of this at all but! And that’s a big BUT. I feel for the first time in my life a sense of freedom to express through a cartoonesk way ! Without the fear of rejection. Becauce I can’t spell very well or puntuation is not up to what is the norm. I am more letting my creativity flow and like anything that is fluid and has the freedom to flow it will find its level! And I like that, I like that a lot! There is no room for snobbery in blogging I believe and the age of the new publisher has begun !! Not on a target audiqance but by people who are feeling their way around, in this as far as I know now. What comes from the heart will find the heart that seeks it ! I love this bold new world in its individual Aslan like state. I’m one week old tomorow and one hundred people have looked at my profile – that is the miracle of blogging, people seeking not the pattern but the feeling ! So I believe. So thankyou who ever you are from

    Dolores T.

    A Good wordpress post, I will save this in my Diigo account. Have a awesome day.


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