What Is Editorial Management Supposed to Be Like?

A day in the life of an online editor isn’t just about writing blog posts

If you’re a new online editor or simply a blogger who’s ready to organize, you must know by now that it’s not just about producing content anymore. There has been a certain progression to being an online editor.

In the beginning, online publishers were taking apart their print products and turning them into blogs.

Then, publishers started writing their own blogs while slowly releasing archived print content.

Then, SEO was discovered and all old content was being revamped with keywords and new articles were being optimized.

Now as an online editor, you have responsibility for developing content that is variously combined and disaggregated for four uses: audience development, emails, blog posts, free special reports and premium products.

That’s a lot of content creation and dissemination. But you don’t need to write everything yourself. The creation of some content can be outsourced to other copywriters, as can the rapid conversion landing pages that offer free reports.

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We recycle, repurpose, and reuse content with the best of them. It can be complicated, because each time online editors write a special report, they must remember that the content will be disaggregated into numerous blog posts and email tips.

In some cases, free reports can also be excerpted from existing books, and assembled/edited by freelancers. Additionally, many online promotions can be written by product managers, often by reusing content borrowed from online sales letters.

Success requires that you execute an organized strategy that has specific goals and uses proven tactics. What’s yours?

Have you created an editorial calendar that encompasses all the topics you have listed on your blog? Do you know how often you post or is it sporadic? Do you have an arsenal of great blog posts that can be compiled into a free report or white paper? How are you using your assets?


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