An Introduction to Digital Magazine Publishing

A brief glance at the evolution of digital magazine publishing

What’s there to say about the digital publishing industry? It’s been booming as of late, when prior, it had been lifeless.

Although digital publishing has been around since the 1990s, it had never reached any desirable level of success. Digital publishers were historically offering some amount of content for download in the form of PDFs…but there wasn’t anything very interesting about them. And there wasn’t a good method for consuming this content. Whereas print magazines were portable and collectable, digital editions had to be printed or accessed on laptops to be portable. The return didn’t justify the investment in time and effort for most consumers.

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Then digital reading devices – eReaders and tablets – were developed. The iPad reached the market and changed the world of digital publishing forever.

Now, legacy content publishers are actively learning the best strategies for content development, distribution and operational management. Some have found success; many others are still far behind.

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