Conducting a Digital Publishing Audit

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As the digital publishing industry grows at an alarming rate, there are a few main keys to focus on.

Beyond providing content on different e-reading devices, making digital products your audience will desire, and discovering your audience’s actual opinion of your digital publishing efforts, you’ll need to conduct digital publishing audits.

A digital publishing audit will help you determine your position in the market and how you can make adjustments, dependant upon the performances of your digital products. A digital publishing audit will help you realize which products should be terminated from a promotional strategy, and which should be rewarded.

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Some digital publishers already consider a digital publishing audit as the ultimate audience reporting tool, and for good reason. It leaves you with concrete data and helps determine how your efforts should be directed.

There are six specific metrics associated with a digital publishing audit that should be consistently monitored. These digital publishing metrics include:

  • Annual searches
  • Annual impressions
  • Annual unique visitors
  • Year-end average email subscribers
  • Year-end total books & videos sold
  • Year-end total magazine subscriptions sold

Are you already focusing on these digital publishing metrics as you bring new products into the digital environment? These are the numbers you need to monitor often so you’re digital publishing strategy can evolve with the concrete data you find from visitors and buyers.

Originally published 2/16/2012


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