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Digital Magazine Comes To Print

via XXL

via XXL

Townsquare Media bought XXL Magazine earlier this year. Now the publication is releasing a quarterly print magazine.

The first print edition just hit stores with its winter issue that has Kendrick Lamar on the cover. Issues are expected for March and June.

Billboard is covering the story. “Bill Wilson, Townsquare’s chief content officer, points to the Kendrick issue as proof that “print plays a valuable role to the XXL audience and thus to the brand” as well as the mag’s new owner, “as we are focused on building premium best in class brands.”

Townsquare Media acquired XXL from Harris Publications in September. Initially there was belief that the print edition would be shuttered, placing all focus on the digital product. The print edition has changed a bit, leaving out classifieds and direct response clients so premium advertisers can have more significance.

Read more about XXL’s print magazine at Billboard. 

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