Digital Native Survey – Print Subscription Habits

Our Digital Native Survey highlights the important information that affects the habits of publishers and online business owners.

Have you ever wondered if your media brand is set up to address the way Digital Natives interact with your brand? Digital Immigrants are facing issues of uncertainty as the Internet, and how Digital Natives use it, is continuously evolving.

The clip below, from our full-length Digital Native Survey, poses two questions: Do you subscribe to print magazines? Do you subscribe to digital magazines?

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It will be interesting to see how these statistics change in the coming years. It would not be surprising to see major changes in the use of digital subscriptions and a decline in print magazine consumption by this age group.

We will continue to release video clips of our Digital Native Survey, including the entire full-length video, so stayed tuned to the Mequoda Daily.

And if you have questions or comments relating to Digital Natives and their media consumption habits, please add them to the comments section below.


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