Digital Publishers Need to Produce High Quality Content

The digital magazine publishing industry needs great content to grow

Publishers understand the need for high-quality content. That need may have never been as important as it is now though.

With the digital publishing industry emerging, the actions of the pioneering publications – including digital book and digital magazine publishing – are under strict scrutiny from consumers and analysts alike.

Consumers want products that go beyond the offerings of print, because if they are going to make a sacrifice for digital content to play, they need to be engaged by the product. Fortunately, the capabilities exist and some digital publishers are filling their publications with video, audio, games, and other interactive features.

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However, since the written word is equally important to content consumers, publishers need to distribute interesting and informative written pieces too.

How do you create content your audience wants to read? The answer can be found by looking at your audience’s behaviors. If you have an active community online, take a look at the information they comment, like, or “share” with others. Or take an additional step and ask them directly for input.

If your audience isn’t vocal through social media, take a look at the numbers. Your analytics package should contain enough data to help guide your editorial calendar creation. Pay specific attention to conversions, page views and time on site. If certain topics attract a lot more unique visitors than others, it’s a topic worth covering more. The same goes for time on site. Pages with an average visit time over five minutes should be studied for future content creation  alignment.

Email is a final destination. Which email newsletters and email marketing pieces had the highest open rates, click-through rates, and direct sales? This statistics equate to an interested audience.



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