Email Highlighted as Shareable Component of Digital Publishing Strategy

Today’s live webinar – Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success – features a section on shareability. This pillar dictates the many ways that digital publishers can reach new audience members by spreading content through different platforms.

For multiplatform publishers, the shareability factor isn’t only for digital products; traditional print products, like books and magazines, have a lot of potential. These products can remain as legacy imprints, sold as one-off items, or can be turned into digital products. This route allows for an archive to be developed, or enhanced by more content, and new content utilized for marketing purposes.

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Although user sharing is actively taking place on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, email sharing is possible if the content has value.

During the digital publishing pillar of shareability, you will learn the distribution methods and the workflow system that will allow you to efficiently share content without overworking your staff.

Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success will air live today at 12:30pm ET. Attendance is limited for this special-priced webinar, so reserve you spot while seats remain.


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