Growing your Digital Audience

3 major focal points for digital publishers

Website traffic remains fundamental to digital publishers’ success, regardless of the Internet business models they utilize.

What are you doing to drive website traffic? How are you converting this traffic to more manageable relationships?

There are three major methods digital publishers are actively using to drive website visitors and convert them to subscribers.

The first is site-wide conversion architecture. Having aligned text ads, order forms in editorial (OFIEs), order forms in navigation (OFINs), and floaters provides multiple opportunities to convert visitors throughout your website, regardless of the landing page their enter on.


Next, there’s social media. For content publishers, Twitter is an active community designed for publishing. Facebook is geared towards retailers, although content-friendly, and Pinterest is the latest ‘thing’ in social bookmarking. While each social network is different, some might be perfect for your content. All publishers should be utilizing Twitter since it is ultimately a micro-publishing platform. It completely geared to the spread of content through succinct copy – an attribute publishers and copywriters can relate to.

For publishers, there are additional social bookmarking sites that help spread their content to more people. Some publishers have seen jumps in traffic from Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Finally, your own blog may be the perfect audience development tool if it’s optimized for search. Allowing your content to live high atop search engine results pages for often-searched keyword phrases will continuously attract website traffic.

By now, you probably realize that there are other options for gaining more fans, followers and subscribers online. If you want specific strategies and processes for building your audience, join us at the Audience Development Summit 2012 in New York City next month. The event runs live from October 23-25, with an option pre-conference workshop designed to prepare attendees for the advanced content found during the Summit. Register today to assure yourself a seat at this popular industry event.

Originally published 4/9/12


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