Is This Where Your Digital Content Should Be?

A look at quickly growing app categories

Not every medium will work for every digital publisher. Some digital publishers focus solely on their written content – be long-form editorial or fiction.

Other publishers have the digital revolution to thank for their expansion into becoming a more complex media company. This type of digital publisher is already transitioning from being digital magazine publishing and ebook publishing, to creating video and audio content.

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As popular mediums, video and audio content work well online. YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine because of this notion; although it appears engagement has slightly decreased over the last few months. Music streaming and downloading sites – like Pandora or Spotify – have been able to attract millions of audience members.

Some new data from Flurry shows that the time spent per active user for the photo and video category of apps have grown 89%, during a span of six months from October to March. This category saw the biggest growth, although music (72%), productivity (66%), and social networking (54%) saw significant growth as well.

For digital publishers with the ability to present audio and visual content, there is a dedicated market of users who consume this type of content.


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