Learn from Your Audience on Digital Content Creation

When social conversations are the norm online, you need to be harnessing them properly.

If your audience is inclined to share their time with you via social media, you need to be providing them with valuable insight. This can be in the form of educational information, or simple pieces of a conversation. Asking questions of your audience shows that you care about their input, and that mutual respect is given to your relationship.

For WordPress operators who want to communicate with their audience more effectively, there is the SurveyMe plug-in. This is a great option when digital magazine publishers require survey functionality.

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The plug-in allows operators to design many contact surveys with various types of data collection. This includes checkboxes, radio buttons, textboxes, and text areas among others. To help prevent spam, SurveyMe contains a simple CAPTCHA.

SurveyMe is a free plug-in offered to the WordPress community. It is also one of the plug-ins we recommend to digital magazine publishers operating a WordPress website. For more information on these plug-ins, including Mequoda Premium Plug-ins, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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