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Lucky, Condé Nast Plan to Divide and Conquer



After years of speculation about its fate – would it shut down or go all digital? – Lucky finally has some resolution, writes Emma Bazilian in Ad Week: It will spin off from Condé Nast and join ecommerce platform BeachMint to form independent company The Lucky Group.

Lucky will provide the print and digital content – and still produce the “magazine about shopping” – while BeachMint will bring the technology. The company is scheduled to launch in early 2015, with Josh Berman as CEO, Gillian Gorman Round as president, and Eva Chen as chief creative officer. Condé will continue to be the company’s largest stakeholder.

“If you pick up a copy of Lucky, there’s probably 200-plus different brands that Eva and her team are talking about, but they all linked to other sites,” Berman tells Ad Week. “We realized that there’s a gap there. If we created our own e-commerce site and brought the women all the way from discovery to purchase, that could be an incredible opportunity.”

To read more about the new Lucky-Condé Nast paradigm, visit Ad Week.

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