Digital Publisher Goes To Print

via CNET

via CNET

It’s not incredibly common to see a digital publishing launching a print magazine, but CNET is doing just that.

CNET, a major online tech publisher, is launching its first print edition this week. The new CNET Magazine will be released quarterly and the content will not be made available online, at least it won’t be made available online immediately. Connie Guglielmo, the co-editor in chief of CNET Magazine, made a note to state that because the print publication is a statement in reaching its audience in a different way.

According to Mashable, “The magazine will have an initial run of 200,000 copies, cost $5.99 and include original content that has not appeared online.”

It appears that the print publication has launched because CNET’s core audience, who want accessible content on the tech world, are not properly served by the print magazines that already exist.

Read more about the launch of CNET Magazine at Mashable. 

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