A Tool for Monitoring Your Business’ Reputation

Social media is one place you can actively monitor what people are saying about your business. If a problem arises, you can address your audience and the Internet community through Twitter, Facebook or your company’s blog.

But what happens when you miss the message, or it takes place when you aren’t around to address it? Comments can travel faster than ever before, making it important to watch your reputation at all times…or having someone diligently watching it for you.

This is where Reputation.com’s value lies. In today’s digital world of consumer comments and reviews, single statements can ruin your credibility to people who aren’t familiar with your brand or products – whether it is true or not is rarely considered by the interested party.

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According to its website, Reputation.com’s “publishing team will create custom profiles and other content for you and your business to build a positive online presence.” The Reputation.com team does this by suppressing negative content that may appear high in search engine results.

If Google Alerts and social media aren’t enough to keep your reputation clean, you may want to try Reputation.com to protect yourself from negative and untrue statements people make about your business online.


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