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Alignment: a Key to Organizational Empowerment

The sixth principle of content marketing focuses on the need to work towards the same goal

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed six elements of a webmaster’s job description.

Knowing those job requirements will help you better understand the position that all of us look to fulfill while operating an online business. Whether you staff the position internally, or higher an external contractor, a webmaster will monitor the health and progress of your website.

Beyond those components, an integral part of all businesses is the need to have a central vision that creates alignment between each different business segment.

This alignment begins with the company’s mission and continues with each manager, who is expected to steer their employees towards the same goal of success.

The days of complacent managerial techniques is over; with constant and abrupt evolution in the online publishing environment, it’s important to have managers that are willing and able to think outside the box.

The same processes will not always work, and one of the biggest ways to fail is to become stagnant.

To embrace and adopt a forward-thinking strategy, online publishers have been spending time and money on content marketing. Although the concept is not groundbreaking, it’s a method not properly addressed by a large population of publishers yet, although the numbers are quickly growing.

However, those who have adopted the strategy and streamlined it to align with their company’s goals have seen success through larger audiences and more revenue.

Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

My article in yesterday’s Mequoda Daily focused on the sixth principle of our content marketing strategy. This principle, Empower Your Organization, comes from interacting with the entire organization, and not just one’s direct manager. Doing so brings alignment and clarity on the value of each employee’s actions. At its core, a Mequoda System grows due to its own best interests.

Have you learned the seven principles of the content marketing strategy that media giants are utilizing for success online? If not, join me for our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop in New York City on June 21st to discover how your organization can become empowered by content marketing efforts.

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