Components of a Fascinating Corporate Blog

Why corporations decide to have a blog

Companies of all sizes have been implementing blogs, or planning on implementing blogs this year.

eMarketer is estimating that 40% of US companies will manage a public blog for marketing reasons.

The Internet’s blogosphere has become more popular as content marketing has taken precedent as a successful Internet marketing strategy. Companies are maintaining a blog for lead generation and sales in addition to organic marketing through search engine optimized content.

According to a survey from Blog2Print – which collected data from Fortune 1,000 companies – nearly 25% had a corporate blog in place.

When asked what they considered to be components of a successful blog, those surveyed responded with the following:

-46% cited the aspect of community engagement.

-26% cited that daily postings keep readers up-to-date.

-10% cited informative and educational content that the audience cares about.

-10% cited pictures and videos.

-8% cited other reasons.

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The survey, reported on by eMarketer, continues to discuss reasons that the companies decided to launch a corporate blog. These reasons include:

-50% said costs associated with blogging are the costs of doing business today.

-20% said it was to gain clients/customers.

-18% said it was to become an authority within the industry.

-10% said it was to keep clients and employees up-to-date about the company.

-1% said it was to gain exposure for the company.

Even though blogs have been around the Internet for years, there is a renewed interest in them. These statistics show that interest and the reasons for it.

For additional information on the topic, take a look at eMarketer’s article.


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