Condé Partnering With Google on Programmatic Ads

via Ad Age

via Ad Age

Two titans are joining forces to pitch ad buyers on purchasing automated ads in Condé Nast magazines using Google services.

“At Google we want to make programmatic more easy for top brands for their digital advertising,” Google’s Laurent Cordier told Ad Age. “So if we do it under a controlled environment partnering with premium publishers, we do see it as a big opportunity in the next couple of quarters.”

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In addition, as part of its movement toward automation, Condé is merging its programmatic and direct digital sales under the direction of Alanna Gombert.

“Programmatic … really just frees up time as a workflow efficiency,” Gombert told Ad Age, allowing staff to “focus on what actually matters. I’m having lots more phone calls about creative and how to tell the story to the consumer to accomplish the goals of the campaign. I think we’ve kind of lost that in digital across the board.”

To read more bout Condé Nast’s programmatic partnership with Google, visit Ad Age.




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