Digital Publishers Using Adobe Creative Cloud Should Know This

via Adobe

via Adobe

Digital publishers have been able to use Adobe’s Single Edition for of Digital Publishing Suite as  part of their Creative Cloud subscription. This option will not be a possibility going forward.

On May 1, 2015, the option for digital publishers using Creative Cloud to access Single Edition will end. Pro or Enterprise users will still have the option of using Single Edition, which ultimately  leaves small, independent publishers at a disadvantage.

According to Talking New Media, “The move is part of Adobe’s fixed ePub solution push as it encourages designers and publishers to use InDesign as the production solution when building eBooks.”

The article also points out that ePub InDesign is only able to build eBooks and do so for a limited number of ecosystems.

Hopefully other options will develop for digital publisher who may be feeling slighted due to these recent changes. In such an active industry, it’s conceivable that some company will come in to provide more options to small digital publishers.

Read more about this story at Talking New Media. 

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