Digital Video For Digital Publishers

video-smallIf video is a good medium for your audience, it can help drive more website traffic and more engagement. Of course, digital video content isn’t for everything, but some digital publishers are using it successfully.

A recent article from takes a look at how three publishers are using digital video differently and the responses to it.

Bloomberg is the first publisher to talk about, and according to the article, “Bloomberg started using autoplay in the lead image slot on 20 August, and in the first 30 days it had about 2.75 million streams (autoplays).”

Additionally, Bloomberg didn’t seem much downside to their autoplay video. In fact, they “saw no decline in its number of repeat visitors, and only received four complaints about the autoplay function.“

VG, a Norwegian media outlet, took digital video in another direction by creating longform content.

Read more about VG and how publishers are using digital video at 

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