Discover How Online Business Launches Begin with a Strategy

Every online business we’ve launched, and will launch, has been forged under our 41 step content marketing strategy

As I sit down and look at the number of online businesses we’ve launched over the past couple of years, I think about how many were total overhauls.

Even for brands that had existing magazines, seven out of ten times we were involved in launching something that was flying a new brand.

The three examples we provided in yesterday’s article include, and

Three different businesses, one clear-cut strategy

In the case of Vibrant Nation, the goal was to expand their online business.

For Black Belt, they wanted to create an updated, Google-friendly platform that makes it easier for them to put up content while becoming more aggressive with email and website strategy for aggregating a larger audience.

Inside ARM desired to maintain the capabilities they had in the past, while getting off a legacy platform that had become difficult to run.

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Future projects

We currently have another project for major publisher in the works that is a brand new portal, which will stand in front of all their magazine brands. This portal will be the umbrella that all users will go to for relevant content.

For another publisher, we are creating an online extension for a travel company.

From scratch to launch, whichever bucket you fit into – whether you’re an existing publisher of niche content looking to expand, an edit guru looking to spread your mission and begin monetization, or if you have content but need a new platform that is Google-friendly and easy to publish on – we have a step-by-step process featuring 41 actions you must take to assure success within your online business.

All the projects that we have launched, and the ones preparing to launch, have started with this 41-step process that we first mentioned yesterday.

If you want to learn these 41 steps in a live, intimate setting, join us on June 21st for our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop in New York City.


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