Discovering Updates to Your Marketing Channel Mix

The Internet offers so many opportunities to legacy publishers.

Theoretically, they could spend time content marketing, building links, optimizing their website for search, building online partnerships, syndicating content, using paid and organic marketing, utilizing retail and affiliate networks, engaging in social media or developing online advertising revenue. And those aren’t even all the possible activities for building an audience and generating revenue.

The real problem for online business owners, especially those new to the digital landscape, is prioritizing all the possible efforts.

Even the largest content-based companies would have issues facilitating all these activities, if they were even able to do so. For smaller special-interest media companies, it would be impossible.

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However, in order to success online, multiple channels need to be utilized. A mix of organic marketing and paid marketing efforts need to be utilized to spread your content, retain an audience and generate revenue.

During a full-day website systems needs analysis, content marketing concepts and principles will be considered while looking at your current channel mix. The best possible options for your business will be discussed and planned so you can begin prioritizing and executing more effectively.

For more information on our website system analysis, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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