Find Out Who Owns That Domain Name With This Reliable Product

Domains, IP addresses, host names, sites, and URLs have always been the source of misconceptions, even among advanced Internet users.

SmartWhois is a great starting point for an online investigation.

What is the difference between a domain name and host name? What do those numeric IP addresses mean? How can I learn who owns a domain? Can I trace a user by IP address?

SmartWhois is a useful network information utility that allows you to find out all available information about an IP address, host name, or domain, including country, state or province, city, name of the network provider, administrator and technical support contact information.

Unlike standard Whois utilities, SmartWhois can find the information about a computer located in any part of the world, intelligently querying the right database and delivering all the related records within a few seconds. The program can retrieve information from more than 60 servers all over the world.

SmartWhois can save obtained information to an archive file. You can load this archive the next time the program is launched and add more information to it. This feature allows you to build and maintain your own database of IP addresses and host names.

The obtained records may also be saved in one of the several formats: HTML, text, XML, and XLS. Another useful feature of SmartWhois is the ability to load a list of IP addresses as a text file and process it.

SmartWhois is capable of caching query results, which reduces the time needed to query an address; if the information is in the cache file it is immediately displayed and no connections to the Whois servers are required.



Tired of SPAM?

Here’s another use for SmartWhois. Carefully analyze the e-mail headers, find the spammer’s IP address, perform a SmartWhois query, locate the administrative or abuse contact, right-click on the e-mail address, and select Send Abuse/Spam Report. Just edit the text and add the details. You can send the report in a matter of minutes.


Data mining

SmartWhois is a great starting point for an online investigation. When you know the IP address or domain name that you want to learn more about, you can use SmartWhois for data mining. Select any part of the text in the right pane, right-click and use the Search command to search for the selected text using several search engines.

For a free download and 30-day evaluation of SmartWhois. After that, it’s $29 to purchase (and well worth it).



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