Five Speakers, Five Solutions; A Glimpse of Miami

The Heat Isn’t the Only All-Star Team in Miami; Check Out These Speakers!

Reach out to bloggers, evaluate your renewal series, find the most successful direct marketing material and read it. With the speakers assembled for this November’s Marketing Conference in Miami, tips and solutions will be flying. Here are a few:

1. Copywriter Robert Lerose will co-lead a session on Renewals.
Come up with a ‘value proposition’ and sell it. Why is your publication valuable to the subscriber? What value will it continue to give? The answer to these questions should inform your renewal copy and become a selling point. Because times and subscriber needs change, you should regularly evaluate your renewal series to refine and sharpen this statement.”

2. Doug Haslam, Voce Communications, will co-present Top 30 Social Media Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes. Here’s a campaign that he put together:
Blogger Outreach Campaign
What you did and why
An online retailer wanted to create awareness among budget-conscious consumers and selected high-profile “mom-bloggers” to contact. Offered $100 shopping spree (with mandatory disclosure), going through a unique credit application process.
Was it difficult to set up, implement and maintain?
Building “target” list was easy in that we are trained to do that through regular media relations. Hardest part is crafting the messaging, and even harder than that is preparing for contingencies: bloggers did not want to go through credit process, so we switched to straight-up gift certificates, for example.
Staffing questions: who did it (marketing, editorial, etc.) and how much time did it take?
Marketing (no editorial involved).
Quick hit advice: what did you learn from your experience that you can pass along to the group?
Make it easy, even if it means compromising the experience a little. The bloggers will be willing to understand your messaging, but they don’t necessarily want to work too hard for an unknown outcome.
Measurement: what were the goals and how do you measure success?
Goals were at least five blog write-ups and sales resulting from publicity.

3. Matt Bailey is the keynote speaker and will moderate the pre-conference on Improving Results With Web Analytics & SEO.
Segment your bounce rates. “I love investigating why bounce rates are so high for websites because usually what you find is that it’s not the overall bounce rate. It’s a specific segment of people. They’re searching for a specific word or phrase—so when they don’t see it they leave. Google Analytics makes it so easy now to segment based on just about anything you can imagine—and then you can track your own in-house search terms.”

4. Eric Hellweg, Harvard Business Publishing, will co-present Limited Slots, Maximum Results: Maximize Your Marketing Inventory.
“When I started here three years ago, our Website was product-centric. We used a transaction-focused approach; our outreach was based on sales. There was no relationship or community building…So we decided to expand the Website and took the first steps—segmentation and building more engaging relationships in the community—while focusing on a group we call emerging leaders.”

5. Mark Johnson, copywriter, will co-present Creative Ways to Maximize Your Direct Mail.
“Find the most successful direct marketing material and read it.” He recommends a book called “Direct Mail Hall of Fame” published by the American Writers and Artists Institute that was being sold on Amazon. “If you want to write successful copy, read successful copy.”

And five other reasons to attend:

6. Sixteen Roundtables divided into two 45-minute sessions, with topics that range from Selling Site Licenses to New Devices and Mobile Websites.

7. The incredible $179 room rate at the Ritz-Carlton will not last long (or at least it didn’t last year).

8. A Poolside Cocktail Reception and Mixology Clinic has been scheduled. Can there be anything more perfect for Miami Beach? (An Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova sighting perhaps? We’ll work on it.)

9. The usual but always significant Conference Wrap-Up: Best of the Best Ideas From Sipa’s 27th Annual Marketing Conference. This alone can often be worth the price of admission – kind of the Cliff Notes of Conferences.

10. Miami in November. Enough said.

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