Helping Your Audience Connect Visually With Your Content

Using an image service can enhance your written content – do you know your options?

Incorporating images into your blog posts can help in many ways. Visual accompaniments help keep audience members on your website longer, as they take time to look at the imagery you provide. Images also provide additional elements to optimize for search.

Some online companies have their own images to share, but when you cannot properly visualize your concepts with images you own, you can turn to an image service.

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There is likely an image service that will fit your needs adequately. At the Mequoda Daily, we use many of our own images from teaching materials. I recently was told about PhotoDune from our social media specialist Amanda MacArthur.

This service fits our needs quite well, as images are purchased singularly. The smallest sized images work well for the web and only cost $1 each.

In the age of digital content marketing, incorporating images into your editorial and marketing copy will better hold your audience’s attention. For a closer look at your options for image services, join us at our Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp on January 24th in New York City.


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