How to Build Your Retail Network Covered at Mequoda Bootcamp

Developing a retail network is more important than ever, and potentially easier than ever

Having digital retail counterparts allows for quicker business processes, which help both the publisher and consumer.

For instance, if you are a publisher that creates physical products – books, magazines, DVDs or beyond – Amazon’s digital warehouse may be your ideal partner. Barnes and Noble is another similar option.

The best part about developing a retail network is the variety. Any type of product you create can be offered through other, extremely reputable channels.

If you are looking for locations to spread your digital content, there is Zinio and the Apple Store at your fingertips. Apple is known for revolutionizing digital content, which has been done through iTunes. The newly released Apple Newsstand is expected to open new doors for publishers.

If you’d like to better understand your retail options, join us at the Mequoda Bootcamp in New York City.

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