Interstitial Ads For Digital Publishers

via Google

via Google

As mobile advertising continues to boom, some data is popping up on the effectiveness of interstitial ads — the units you may have seen taking over your entire screen from time to time.

Ad Week is reporting on the use of interstitial ads. “They have higher rates of engagement, prompt users to view them for longer and lead to notable improvements when it comes to publisher eCPM and consumer engagement. And that’s why revenue generated from selling interstitials jumped 43 percent between the first and second quarter of 2014, according to AppFlood.”

Since there are a variety of mobile ads, and a lot of interest in advertising with mobile as a target, advertisers are looking at the reasons why interstitial ads have become so popular. The article from Ad Week provides three main reasons as to why they believe interstitial advertising has become popular and successful in the digital landscape.

Read about Ad Week’s thoughts on interstitial advertising. 

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