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Tag: mobile advertising

Vertical Video Content and Ads Increase in Popularity

Publishers are flocking to vertical video content and ads now that “it’s hip to be vertical.”
In the not too distant past, vertical video was only for Facetime and school plays you forgot to flip your phone sideways for. But with the advent of video streaming on social networks, and apps like Snapchat, vertical video is

Magazine Advertising Trends: Mobile, Targeting, Paywalls

The media companies making news around magazine advertising trends include the Guardian, Financial Times, and more
Magazine advertising trends may not make for the most exciting material, but they’re important to monitor amid a climate that includes such pressing issues as ad blocking, viewability issues, targeting, and advancing technology, particularly on the mobile ad front.

With the

Magazine Revenue: The Latest Trends and Headlines

The publishers making magazine revenue news include Gannett; plus, digital advertising, print circulation, and more
If generating magazine revenue were easy, we wouldn’t exist. It’s our mission to make it easier for digital publishers and print magazines alike, and one way we accomplish that is by meticulously tracking industry trends to inform our approach and practices.


Online Video Publishing: Pluses and Minuses for Digital Magazines

Online video publishing, especially when taken in tandem with mobile advertising, is arguably the most alluring revenue opportunity to come along for digital magazines in a long time.

But, like any other opportunity, it must be seized and maximized, not squandered with poor practices and a lack of strategy. Coincidentally, establishing best practices and tactical standards is exactly the sort of thing we do here at Mequoda, so if you have any questions about implementing a system and creating robust but flexible content, give us a call.

But in the meantime, check out MediaPost’s coverage of online video publishing and more. We’ll start there on this Monday!

Publisher Analytics: Google, Ad Viewability, User Data

In recent news from the world of publisher analytics, we see Google share the top factors for search, the IAB’s latest pronouncement on ad viewability, the efficacy of data monetization, and more

Mobile Advertising for Publishers: News on Spending, Ad Blocking, Execs

Good news and bad news about mobile advertising for publishers; plus, learning more from high-level players
Mobile advertising for publishers is among the most important issues facing the digital magazine business, since it represents such a golden – and growing – opportunity for revenue generation.

Is the window closing? Not yet, but things could get crowded once

Mobile Viewability Update From MRC: Fully Loaded Ads and Count on Decision

Media Rating Council issues revisions to mobile viewability guidelines; plus, Adobe’s audience development data and a vertical video solution
Ad viewability, especially mobile viewability, is arguably the issue facing digital publishers: As we’ve said before, when it comes to digital advertising trends, all roads lead to viewability: engagement depends on it; ad blocking programs derail it;

Online Magazine Advertising News: Mobile, Branded, Programmatic

Online magazine advertising is growing exponentially, especially on mobile, but there’s much to be sorted out before it can truly serve as a cornerstone revenue generator for all digital publishers. Ad blocking programs, ad viewability issues, and cross-device targeting pose problems for many publishers.

On the flip side, even all of the options and advertising methods available to digital magazines can be daunting. We can help with that by providing case studies and best practices.

And AdExchanger can help by filling us in on industry news and trends. Let’s take a look at what they have this week!

Internet Advertising Revenue Drives Local Ad Boom

Internet advertising revenue isn’t all the way there quite yet as the sole source of profit for the majority of publishers, but it continues to grow at a rate that makes it more and more attractive to digital magazines, on both the local and national level. As publishers get closer to cracking the code on mobile advertising trends and perfect the art of sponsored content – not to mention they’re able to fully realize the benefits of online advertising as part of a multiplatform strategy.

MediaPost covers the growth of Internet advertising revenue from all angles – let’s take a look at what they have for us this week.

Measuring Ad Engagement: Mobile, Native, and Events

Despite the proliferation of platforms, channels, and technology, ad engagement hasn’t exactly gotten easier for publishers and brands. Whether it’s the ad blocking craze that seems to be taking over the Web or cross-device targeting concerns, viewability issues or unreliable metrics, connecting consumers with meaningful ad experiences that can sustain digital magazines and satisfy marketers is becoming more complex even as access levels are as high as they’ve ever been.

But we’ve got some good news from you, via Digiday.

Ad Blocking Programs Continue to Vex Marketers, Publishers

How are entities like Vox Media, Quartz, the IAB, and the ANA combating ad blocking programs?
As ad blocking programs proliferate and become more popular with consumers – especially younger consumers like Millennials – marketers and publishers are feeling the heat in trying to confront what they consider a common enemy.

Recent news about Google’s efforts to

Mobile Spending to Make for Half of Digital Ad Sales in 2015

It was only a matter of time until mobile spending overtook desktop, but that moment is rapidly upon us; plus, personalization, video, and more
Mobile spending is a rolling freight train spilling over with cash at this point, and it’s arriving at the station a little sooner than expected. This year, mobile ad sales will pass

Mobile Advertising Trends: Instagram, Marketers, Programmatic

Monitoring mobile advertising trends is a must for publishers aiming to monetize a platform that promises riches but has thus far eluded a precise formula for success. Digital magazines face technological, viewability, and audience development questions when it comes to generating steady revenue. We can’t say we’ve got all of the answers, but, then again, neither can anyone else … with the possible exception of Instagram, of course. MediaPost covers the latest news out of the massively popular image-sharing social network; plus, a new programmatic tool and mobile advertising from buyers’ perspective.

Is Digital Advertising a Bust? 6 Ways to Fight Conventional Wisdom

Over the past few years, publishers have been wringing their hands over the failure of digital advertising to come to their rescue as print advertising revenues continued to evaporate. You had to look hard to find the occasional glimmer of hope.

The Growth of Multi-Platform Advertising

“Imagine a world in which advertisers can seamlessly serve data-driven ads to the right user at the right time across channels and devices,” writes LiveRail Head of Client Services, Vijay Balan.

“Publishers, partnering with third-party data partners, layer extra data over their unique viewer profiles and get a clear look at who their audiences actually are, allowing their advertisers to get the targeted results of their dreams. … Now wake up. Look around. Is that how it really works? We didn’t think so.”

Google Publishing News Lab Debuts

A few months back, we wondered whether Google digital advertising is unstoppable. Now, the question becomes whether the Google publishing juggernaut is poised to ultimately make the company even more money with the News Lab. Like other platforms, the service bills itself as a way for the company to work with publishers – not against them. Digiday covered this story recently, along with articles on mobile advertising, native content, and more.

Digital Advertising News: Buyers Want Viewability Data, While Nielsen Wants Brains

All roads lead to viewability. This is not digital advertising news for anyone paying attention. Without it – or without a plan to establish it – publishers could be in some trouble, particularly on mobile. Advertising Age examines the issue in a couple of recent articles, while ruminating on sponsored content in a couple of others. Bonus content: Some big news from USA Today.

Mobile Publishers: Advertising + Video Trends

eMarketer is full of new data for mobile publishers and multiplatform media companies this week. Here are five stories of interest for digital magazines and other brands:

Digital Media Evolution Charted by JEGI

The Jordan Edmiston Group Inc. hosted its 11th annual Media & Technology Conference for upward of 400 executives in January, focusing programs on the “The Convergence of Data, Marketing & Commerce.” Speakers covered the digital media evolution, from multiplatform strategy to thinking like a marketer, mobile trends to legal trends.

Yahoo’s Mobile Advertising Revenue Expected to Grow

Yahoo is growing in the world of mobile advertising, according to new data from eMarketer.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue Grows

Facebook has consistently seen growth in mobile advertising over the past six months. And although Google is still making much more overall advertising money, Facebook’s growth is quite impressive.

Interstitial Ads For Digital Publishers

As mobile advertising continues to boom, some data is popping up on the effectiveness of interstitial ads — the units you may have seen taking over your entire screen from time to time.

Can This Mobile Advertising Network Compete with Google?

It’s official: Now anyone can buy ads on Facebook’s new Audience Network — the social giant’s mobile ad network.

How ‘Washington Post’ Approaches Mobile Advertising

There is a lot that goes into mobile advertising. There are different ad types and different devices to cater to. What works for some audiences may not work for all, but glimpses of what works within the publishing arena is helpful to recognize.

AMI Advertising on Mobile to Be Handled by Amobee

American Media Inc. has tabbed agency Amobee to handle all of its mobile advertising. The partnership represents the largest publisher deal for Amobee, which succeeds Kargo as AMI’s facilitator for tablet, mobile, and app ad tech.

Condé Nast Advertising Portal Debuts in U.K.

Condé Nast Britain announced last week a new ad portal that will give buyers a free, simple, and efficient way to deliver files for publication, according to

Print and Digital Bundle Revenues Skyrocket 108%

The Newspaper Association of America reports that circulation revenues are up 3.7% to $10.87 billion, which might surprise you.

But these aren’t your father’s circulation revenues we’re talking about; rather, the figure is based on 2013 circulation as a whole. In other words, the revenue includes streams from print and from digital.

Mobile Ad Best Practices From MediaPost

With 91% of American adults – more than 250 million people – owning a cell phone, and upward of a third of Internet users preferring theirs as a browsing device, mobile ads are more relevant than ever. The opportunity is golden: Revenue reached $18 billion in 2013, as 80% of users say they downloaded an app after viewing a mobile ad, while 67% visited an advertiser’s site.

Social Media for Audience Development: Twitter to Allow Tweet Editing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could edit your tweets after they’ve been published? Fortunately, this may become a reality as Twitter works on a new editing feature, which would allow original tweets and retweets to get changed instantaneously.

5 Tablet Publishing Trends

In 90-minutes, discover what’s important to publishers in an evolutionary market…

Is Facebook’s Attention Turning Towards Sponsored Stories?

There has certainly been scrutiny of Facebook ever since the social media giant went public. A further look at Facebook comes as they recently released second quarter earnings.

According to ClickZ, Facebook “reported $992 million in ad revenue in Q2 – 84 percent of total revenue and a boost of 28 percent since Q2 2011.”

Prediction: Tablets Will Drive Mobile Ad Revenue

Digital magazine publishing success relies on advertising revenue

I could certainly believe that tablets will drive mobile advertising revenue once more tablets get in the hands of consumers. The design of the tablet makes interactive, media-rich advertising possible. But don’t just listen to my opinion, because I’m not the only one saying it.

The Yankee Group recently released a study that predicts by 2014 tablets will account for 53 percent of mobile advertising dollars. During this time, smartphones will account for 47 percent of mobile advertising dollars. By 2016, tablets’ share is expected to reach 60 percent.

Twitter Advertisements Driving Significant Revenue

Twitter’s design fits well in a quick moving Internet landscape. The 140 characters or less can grab attention easily, and drive traffic to a defined landing page. What some advertisers are also discovering is that Twitter meshes well with advertising.

Recently, the discussion about Twitter’s mobile advertising ability has come to light, and as points out, “Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on”

‘Tag’ Isn’t a Game Anymore to These Folks

Tagging Has Come a Long Way

It used to be so simple, “Tag, you’re it.” Run around a little more and tag the next boy or girl. But to paraphrase from “The Wizard of Oz,” Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not just playing tag anymore.

The “tag” feature on Facebook has always had its detractors, some of my friends among them. The basic idea that someone else decides which picture of you gets seen before an abundance of people is probably a flawed one at best. It’s one thing if you’re a newsmaker or playing competitive sports—but just eating at a picnic or sitting at the pool? Yes, I know, you do have the final right of refusal, but it still seems to irk people.

How to Engage an Audience with Modern Advertisements

From mobile to video, consumers require one main thing

Unchartered territories are used for marketing in modern times. In addition to social media being a marketable medium if done carefully, mobile advertising is on an upswing.

The challenge for many marketers is to successfully utilize today’s opportunities without disrupting trusting audiences.

Your Paths to Lock Onto – from Other Publishers

Trends That Publishers See Coming Your Way

Here is our quarterly review of trends or paths that your fellow publishers and colleagues want to lock onto in the coming months.

1. Rick Longenecker, president, Armature Group
It appears that small and mid-size companies are again focused on top-line revenue growth after two years of cost containment. There seems to be a real hunger to double revenue with no additional cost.

SIPA Member Profile: Nance Takes Growth Into ‘Account’

Rob Nance, Publisher, AccountingWEB

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
NANCE: Growing up, radio was fascinating to me. I fondly recall being in bed late at night as a youngster huddled up with my AM radio searching for stray late-night signals from far away. Pulling in a station from Canada or the west coast was like finding buried treasure. Thinking that whatever I did in my career, sales experience would be beneficial, I started my post-college work life at WVSR AM/FM in Charleston, W.Va. Finding a market that was big enough—but not too big—and within a day’s drive of my family, well, that led me to Charleston. I would advise against water-skiing in the Kanawha River, though, unless you like getting sick.

2011 Outlook Gives Data and Trends That Matter

2011 Industry Outlook Offers Insightful Data

“It has to be easy [for customers]; nobody wants speed bumps on the information highway,” Anthea Stratigos, co-founder & CEO of Outsell, Inc., told a Capital Content breakfast audience in Washington, D.C., last month. The well-attended event was co-sponsored by SIPA and the Software & Information Industry Association.

Her presentation was titled a “2011 Information Industry Outlook,” an industry she said that is now valued at $366 billion. Predicting a 2% growth in revenues for 2011, Stratigos said that, “One-fourth of our waking hours are now spent on mobile devices.” The good news of that statement, in her view, is that, “There’s certainly more of a propensity on mobile for users to pay for content.” People are paying for magazines on mobile because “users are used to paying for them.”

Mobile Ad Spending Going Up

Estimates predict more than $2.5 billion by 2014

When a medium becomes popular, advertising dollars typically turn that way. Since smartphones are increasingly popular, we have seen ad spending go in that direction.

But how lucrative is that industry exactly? How much money is really going to the mobile advertising world?

According to

Kindle Aims To ‘Light Up’ 2010

New media trends: a forecast of what may be hot, and what may not be, in the communications industry