Job Posting: VP Consumer Marketing

Job Posting from Aspire Media.

They’re looking for a VP of Consumer Marketing, someone who can provide leadership and strategic direction to managers of the company’s consumer marketing departments, which include Web marketing, circulation marketing, direct-to-consumer sales of books and consumer events

If you, or someone you know, would fit that description, please read on.

Job Title: V.P. Consumer Marketing, Aspire Media, LLC (owners of Interweave Press, Inc.)

Position: Full time, Exempt

Organizational Relationships

Reports to: CEO

Supervisory:Web Marketing Manager(s), Circulation Director(s)

Key Relationships:Internal: President, Creative Director, V.P. Book Publishing & Retail Marketing,External: Web Consultant/Director, and Circulation Consultant

Spheres of Responsibility

Provide leadership and strategic direction to managers of company’s consumer marketing departments, which include Web marketing, circulation marketing, direct-to-consumer sales of books, and consumer events. Currently, approximately 75% of company’s revenue is generated from consumers (vs. advertisers/sponsors/exhibitors). About 1/3 of revenue from consumers is generated from Company’s direct-to-consumer sales and marketing efforts. V.P. of Consumer Marketing will be charged with supporting managers of web marketing and circulation marketing departments to maintain and increase Company’s direct-to-consumer sales.

Company’s traditional direct marketing (direct mail) and new media direct marketing (web and e-mail) are directed by n separate managers. VP will be charged with integrating these two efforts. Executive will provide oversight, strategic direction, and support for both traditional and new media direct marketing managers and staff. This division is also charged with successfully implementing the Company’s single largest investment in 2006—enhancing web/database marketing, including the building of and leveraging a proprietary database of enthusiasts by obtaining opt-in subscriptions to free email newsletters that will subsequently be leveraged to sell company’s legacy products and new e-products. Executive will be responsible for helping to develop and e-books, e-tips, and e-patterns/projects which will be sold to subscribers of free, opt-in, email newsletters. Company is currently considering development of craft television programming, whose audiences executive will be responsible for driving to Company’s web to subscribe to free email newsletters. Additionally, executive will work with Company’s market groups to develop partnerships with advertisers/sponsors/exhibitors to increase direct to consumers sales of company’s products.

V.P. of Consumer Marketing will be part of the executive team charged with developing Company’s strategic plan and ensuring successful execution of related tactical initiatives. As such, the from time to time, the V.P. of Consumer Marketing will also be expected to interface with Company’s Board of Directors and investors.

Essential Functions of the Job

Executive level responsibilities for maintaining and increasing company’s direct-to-consumer sales of magazine subscriptions, back issues, special issues, books, consumer event attendance, e-books, e-patterns/projects, and e-tips by leveraging web, direct mail, television, events, advertiser/sponsor/exhibitor relationships, and other direct marketing media and tools. Candidate’s prior experience should clearly demonstrate extensive experience and a high-level knowledge of source evaluation, publishing economics and maximization of customer lifetime value as they relate to a multi-product, multi-channel consumer marketing environment.

Direct reports include capable and experienced web marketing and circulation managers who have been with the Company for several years and who are among those responsible for Company’s impressive historic growth rates.

Specific duties include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  1. Develop consumer marketing strategies and provide oversight, leadership, direction and support to managers charged with successful execution of direct-to-consumer sales through both traditional and new media channels.
  2. Manage the nexus of direct marketing (database, web, and mail) and content, to increase direct-to-consumers sales of Company’s products.
  3. Evaluate marketing opportunities and develop appropriate consumer campaigns to increase direct-to-consumer sales of Company’s legacy and newly developed digital content products.
  4. Help develop new products that can be sold directly to consumers.
  5. Ensure successful execution of Company’s circulation strategies and new web marketing initiatives.
  6. Integrate circulation marketing and web marketing departments.
  7. Provide leadership, support, and direction to managers in charge of web marketing and circulation.
  8. Provide oversight and direction to web and circulation mangers regarding annual plans, strategies, budgets, and forecasts.
  9. Work with Company’s market groups to develop partnerships with advertisers/sponsors/exhibitors that will facilitate increased sales of Company’s products directly to consumers.
  10. Work with Company’s other executives, directors, and investors to develop and execute Company’s strategic plan and related tactical initiatives.

Knowledge or Skill Required:

Functional Knowledge:

Necessary: (i) proven success in providing executive level direction, support, and leadership to direct marketing executives (ii) high-level understanding of successful direct marketing strategies, and best tactical practices; (iii) high-level knowledge of successful direct marketing web strategies and best tactical practices; (iv) high-level understanding of consumer marketing; (v) competent with computer modeling, source analysis, publishing economics and customer life time value as they relate to a multi-product, multi-channel consumer marketing environment; (vi) extensive budgeting and forecasting experience; (vii) knowledge of financial measurements of direct marketing results (viii) ability to understand big picture issues and make contribution to the executive team.

Helpful: (i) prior executive experience with direct to consumer marketing of publishing, other content or instructional products; (ii) understanding of crafts markets; (iii) prior magazine or book direct marketing experience; (iv) prior experience development of e-content products; (v) prior experience in event marketing; and (vi) prior experience in converting television audiences into purchasers of products or opting in to free content products.

Market Knowledge:

Necessary: (i) understanding of niche marketing to enthusiasts.

Helpful: (i) understanding of craft markets, particularly knitting and beading

Personal Skills:

Necessary: (i) high-level strategic thinker; (ii) excellent manager and proven leader; (iii) excellent communication skills both written and verbally; (iii) computer savvy; (iv) extensive knowledge of database and modeling tools; (v) both an analytical and creative thinker; (vi) effective project manager; and (vii) willingness and ability to work with managers at tactical level.

Helpful: (i) ability to develop grass-roots marketing campaigns; (ii) ability to inspire confidence from advertisers/sponsors/exhibitorsEducation and/or experience:

Necessary: (i) undergraduate college degree (ii) at least five years experience as a manager of direct to consumer marketing department(s).

Helpful: (i) undergraduate degree in marketing; (ii) graduate degree in marketing; (iii) experience leading subscription or continuity direct marketing departments; (iii) experience managing web direct marketing departments; (iv)previous member of a company’s executive team.

Project Management:

Necessary: (i) ability to plan, prioritize, delegate, & coordinate actions of inside staff and outside vendors (ii) solution and results oriented, (iii) flexible, quick, and ambidextrous thinker; (iv) metric driven decision maker, (v) inspirational and supportive manager.

Software Knowledge

Necessary: (i) expert in MS Word and Excel, Outlook, and relational data bases

Helpful: (i) knowledge of HTML; (ii) knowledge of sophisticated web marketing and database software and tools.

Other Requirements:

Necessary: (i) skilled in building and maintaining relationships and working as part of a team (ii) superior analytical and creative skills; and (iii) ability to effectively and respectively work through others; and (iii) ability to leave ego behind.

For more information, contact:

Suzanne DeAtley, Human Resources Director
Aspire Media and Interweave Press
201 E. Fourth Street
Loveland, CO 80537


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