Larger iPhone 6 Could Mean New Publisher Apps

via Talking New Media

via Talking New Media

Talking New Media examines the potential impact that a larger iPhone 6 – with displays measuring up to 5.5 inches diagonally – might have on digital publishers’ plans for native apps on smartphones, as many magazines have historically relied on replica or universal apps from the iPad and other mobile devices.

D.B. Hebbard points out that reading magazines will likely become a more comfortable experience on the new iPhone, and that the release gives publishers an opportunity to create versions dedicated to smartphone delivery.

“Often the effect of a new product introduction is overestimated, and most publishers will probably take a wait and see attitude towards the new smartphone,” he writes.

“But I do think that if a publisher wants to create a digital edition that can be read on a smartphone, and with Samsung’s larger Galaxy S phones selling well, one should see that readers may return to the phones for reading if it proves to be a comfortable experience. Apps created a while back, such as the Mag+ built app British Journal of Photography+ from Apptitude Media are good models for other publishers, with digital editions that are native to both the iPad and iPhone.”

To read more about the larger iPhone 6 impact on publishers, visit Talking New Media.

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