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Tag: d.b. hebbard

Online Publishing Platform News: Facebook, Apple, and More

Pick your favorite online publishing platform, and there’s probably news; plus, when does a digital paywall become pay as you go?
The idea of the perfect online publishing platform continues to emerge as a major consideration for digital publishers looking to add on to revenue streams, as elusive as that perfect online publishing platform is. Is

Digital Media Publisher News: Branded Content Agency, Digital Newsstands, and More

Are you a digital media publisher keeping tabs on the competition, looking for success stories, cautionary tales, and cutting-edge intel? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s what we try to provide with our free advice and digital publishing trends every week.

Mobile App Publishers: New Data on Engagement and Connected Consumers

Mobile app publishers are always craving the latest and greatest data to aid in their tech and targeting efforts. Establishing best practices to consistently monetize mobile is one of the great industry challenges of our time – each new crumb of analysis can be a big help. The Mequoda Method has always emphasized quality content and flexible presentation in its multiplatform publishing strategy, and while we may not have perfected the art, we’ve gotten pretty close. Still, we’re always up for cutting-edge studies and expert opinion to bolster our approach. Talking New Media, one of our most trusted sources for digital publishing news, showcases plenty of both in recent articles. Let’s start there this week!

Can TV Be a Digital Publishing Solution?

There is no panacea for digital magazines attempting to break through, no one digital publishing solution to rule all others and send your revenues skyrocketing (unless you count Mequoda as one digital publishing solution, of course, which, now that you mention it …). In 2015, publishers shouldn’t close the door on any new platform, technology, or strategy without some degree of due diligence and even experimentation. Talking New Media recently took on TV as yet another digital publishing solution worth studying. Let’s see what one of our favorite analysts, D.B. Hebbard has to say about it.

App Publishers Experiment With Products, Tackle Problems

App publishers are on the cutting edge of multiplatform media, but with great power comes great responsibility. Software changes, shifts in consumer tastes, and evolving devices and platforms all pose opportunities as well as frustrations for publishers maintaining their places in audience’s hearts. So, how to stay ahead? Talking New Media takes a look at the approaches of legacies and startups in a handful of recent articles.

News From Online Magazine Publishers: App Updates, Launches + Push for Archives

Online magazine publishers are focusing on tightening up their apps and archives in the evolving effort to bolster digital product. In the midst of all of this activity, Talking New Media’s D.B. Hebbard both offers excellent coverage while at the same time proposing that media companies mimic some aspects of print business models in order to succeed.

Magazine App Publishing: Success Stories and Cautionary Tales

Magazine app publishing can be a volatile enterprise if you don’t have the right plan in place. Mequoda Members know that you can’t just throw a replica product up on Apple Newsstand and wait for the money to roll in. Each component of your strategy – from conception to execution – must be carefully considered.

With our Digital Publishing Trends posts, we monitor and share the most recent news, lessons, and implications for multiplatform companies like yours. Today, we’re relaying relevant articles from Talking New Media, which casts its net on the latest legacy circulation data, app launches, and niche indicators.

Digital Magazine Publishers: Replicas Aren’t Dead, Says Expert

Recent articles spelling doom for replica editions could be misleading to digital magazine publishers, writes D.B. Hebbard in a recent Talking New Media post. For his part, Hebbard points out that replicas are actually on the rise, and he believes industry observers closing the door on them are doing so too soon.

Digital Magazine Covers: A New Direction for Design?

D.B. Hebbard recently conducted a roundtable discussion on digital magazine covers for the relaunch issue of App Publisher and reported the highlights in Talking New Media.

New Service for “All You Can Read” Magazines

Magzter, the magazine subscription site offering thousands of titles, announced the debut of Magzter Gold on Monday, January 19. The service takes “all you can read magazines” up a notch, offering two tiers of unlimited access.

Apple Newsstand Publishing Saw Growth in 2014

As of January 1, the total number of paid and free Apple Newsstand publishing titles had jumped to 14,536, up from 11,000 at the beginning of 2014. In spite of an at times frustrating lack of management and maintenance of the Newsstand on Apple’s part, the number of apps continues to grow.

Apple Now Owns ‘iNewspaper’

Is Apple in the process of planning yet another digital media device? Perhaps the iPad wasn’t enough for Apple.

Digital Magazine Publishing News: Le Sauce Launched

29th Street Publishing has launched Le Sauce in Apple Newsstand, reports Talking New Media. “The digital magazine is produced by Yasmin Seneviratne who writes at the website of the same name,” wrote D.B. Hebbard.

CDW’s Apple Newsstand App for Customer Magazines

Computer and electronics company CDW has launched an Apple Newsstand app for its consumer magazines, Talking New Media reports. Of CDW’s four magazines – BizTech, FedTech, StateTech, and EdTech – only BizTech (the newest title) is currently available through the app.

Larger iPhone 6 Could Mean New Publisher Apps

Talking New Media examines the potential impact that a larger iPhone 6 – with displays measuring up to 5.5 inches diagonally – might have on digital publishers’ plans for native apps on smartphones, as many magazines have historically relied on replica or universal apps from the iPad and other mobile devices.

120 Sports First Among New Publisher Apps at Time Inc.

Time Inc.’s digital reinvention continues with its new 120 Sports app, which was launched last week.

Talking New Media reports that the app will feature two-minute videos, and that the Chicago-based, Time Inc.-backed company has secured partnerships with MLB Advanced Media, the NHL, and others.

“Getting hold of quality sports video is an incredible, and expensive, challenge,”

New Digital Art Magazines Push Tablet Platforms

Four new digital art magazines are taking tablet publishing to the next level while taking it beyond the United States and United Kingdom.

The iPad Tablet Platform Turns 4

It’s incredible to think that it’s only been 4 years since the iPad tablet platform has been released. It’s cliche but for many people they wouldn’t know what they’d do without their tablet.

Washington Post Switches to Native Publishing Framework

The Washington Post is switching from an HTML5 platform to an iOS native publishing framework for their iPad app.

Is Apple Newsstand Getting Sloppy with Digital Magazines & Newspapers?

In a harsh but honest review from Talking New Media, D.B. Hebbard says that the Apple Newsstand is starting to look like a “dumpster.”

Is it warranted?

His claim is that they’re not paying enough attention to the quality of the content and so it’s getting harder and harder to find the magazines you want. This isn’t unlike the basic app store, where many apps can have almost identical names and apps themselves can be nearly identical but still be included – making the user experience not user friendly. Not to say anyone is doing better than Apple, but we all know everybody holds them to higher standards.

Investment Europe Upgrades from Replica to Hybrid Digital Magazine

If you’re looking for a European investment magazine for your iPad you’re in luck. Investment Europe from Incisive Media has just launched on Apple Newsstand.

SPIN Launches iPad Magazine

For those of us who spent our teen years in the 90’s, SPIN was somewhat of a magazine staple for anyone even remotely interested in music and pop culture. In recent years it’s been kind of a rollercoaster for the SPIN brand, though. They were sold for less than $5m in 2006, relaunched in a bigger format in 2012 and then sold again to Buzzmedia, who took them out of print the same year.

Android Tablet Market Share Larger than iOS

The tables have turned? According to Gartner, Android tablets now own 62% of the market.

Check Out the Bay Area News Group’s First Native Magazine App

It’s always good to see a native magazine app released. It means progress!

How to Make Your Content Shareable Like BuzzFeed

If you’re trying to make your content shareable, you may want to check out The Media Briefing’s new post about BuzzFeed’s five rules of creating sharable content. We’ll dive into the first one: lists.

Native Advertising Gets Its Own Lab at The Guardian

eMedia Vitals is reporting that The Guardian has launched a new Guardian Labs division.

LinkedIn Launches Publishing Platform

GigaOM is reporting that LinkedIn has officially launched its new publishing platform to all users today.

Capital NY Tweaks Paywall

Ad Week is reporting that Capital NY has tweaked its new paywall. Lucia Moses writes, “Executives at Capital have acknowledged that media could be a tougher sell than politics and policy coverage.

La Presse+ Digital Editions Are a Success

FOLIO is reporting that La Presse+ has had a huge success with their digital edition. Jennifer Silber writes, “The free digital edition of Montreal-based daily newspaper La Presse.

New Twitter Search Helps Audience Development Efforts

Twitter’s search functionality has gotten an upgrade. The Verge is reporting that you’ll be able to sort through tweets efficiently now.

Partnerships Are Part of TV Guide’s Digital Publishing Strategy

Deadline is reporting that TV Guide has partnered with CBS Interactive in a cross promotional content deal. David Lieberman writes

What Can Prison Teach You About Audience Development

Recruitment Advisor has posted a fun article about the audience development campaign that’s underway for the newspaper at the San Quentin correctional facility.

Capital New York’s New Paywall is in the $6,000 Range

The price of must-read news about New York State and the city will cost you $5,990 per year. Lucia Moses from Ad Week writes, “Capital next month will start asking readers,

PHOTOgraphia Takes Digital Magazine Publishing to the Next Level

Romanian-based PHOTOgraphia is taking digital magazine publishing to the next level, not because they want to, but because they need to. Talking New Media’s D.B. Hebbard writes, “It turns out that there is no Romanian Newsstand inside the Apple App Store.

Stipla Dives Into The Digital Magazine Publishing Frontier

Stipla is a new interactive iPad magazine that tells the stories of people from around the world. Cool Hunting’s Nara Shin writes, “Stipla combines writing with panoramic photographs.

Taunton Press’ Editorial Strategy Says No to One Offs

“We can’t afford to pay for content if it’s going to be a one-time use,” stated Jay Annis, VP of The Taunton Press speaking at the Act 4 Publishing Event at the Magazine Innovation Center at Ole Miss.

Publishing Executive has the full report on Jay Annis talk on content optimization and recycling. Linda Ruth writes, “Annis was there to articulate Taunton’s proactive approach to content in a time when the costs and monetization of content are proving challenging to many publishers. Taunton’s solution: To optimize the content through all the products that will serve its audience.”

The National Journal Gets Responsive, Ditches App

The National Journal is moving its website to a more responsive design and ditching its app. AdWeek’s Lucia Moses writes, “For National Journal, its iPhone app is relatively new (introduced in April as a subscriber benefit) and hasn’t been a significant source of revenue. Meanwhile, its Web traffic from mobile devices has doubled over the past 18 months, so it needed a site that would provide a uniform experience across devices.”

PopSci Axes Comments

Popular Science took the necessary steps to clean up their online community. They’ve permanently disabled comments, all in the name of science. Suzanne LaBarre, online content director for Popular Science writes

Apps Are This Week’s Digital Publishing Trend

Publishers have been creating apps but recently they’ve turned it up a notch and that’s why apps are this week’s digital publishing trend.

Bezos Keeps the Reader in Mind

Back to the basics, that’s what Jeff Bezos has in store for The Washington Post. Speaking by phone Bezo told The Post,”We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient,” he said. “If you replace ‘customer’ with ‘reader,’ that approach, that point of view, can be successful at The Post, too.”