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You’ll Be in Good Company at SIPA UK

I was looking through information on speakers for the upcoming SIPA UK Conference, July 13-14, in London, and came across an Exclusive interview with Patrick Smith, editor of The Media Briefing.” He will co-deliver a session on digital publishing with Martin Stabe of the Financial Times, and this is a nice coup for SIPA. (A commenter on that site wrote, “HOW DID YOU GET HIM? Fabulous interview.”)

It seems to be one of a number of “coups” for SIPA in terms of the excellent speakers for this conference. Here are quotes/tips from five speakers and a list of three more. If there’s any way you can attend, you should. It will really expose you to some fresh thinking.

Patrick Smith, editor and chief analyst of The Media Briefing (a real-time intelligence platform) on managing data:
“You have to know your sources, and have a standard list of sources that you always go to. Don’t just look for things that are available in the public domain; it’s your right to make freedom of information requests. Once you’ve got the figures, make sure you understand them—exactly what they are and where they are from. Use lots of tools to process and understand the data—there are lots of spreadsheet tools that can manipulate data and turn it into an understandable narrative. Make sure there’s a story there.
(Digital Publishing Skills for Editors and Journalists, Wednesday, July 13, 14.00)

Nick Laight, managing director, Kontakt Publishing, on using free content to get potential customers’ attention:
“…Any editorial or marketing writer MUST get inside the heads of their prospect if they are going to successfully move an audience to act. Ad agencies are famed for creating focus groups to discuss the latest soft toilet tissue or cereal. And when it comes to [our] approach, becoming one with your prospect-reader is essential. After all, you are giving away free content to establish engagement—get your audience wrong and you’ll be wasting your time and efforts.”
(Discussion Forum PM – Business Owners and Publishers, Thursday, July 14, 14.00)

Paul Smith, managing director, Ctrl-Shift, on information usage:
“There is an exciting shift in the way that information is being used, managed and stored that leads to greater benefits for the consumer, rather than data being exploited by the vendor. Piloting a data store controlled by the individual is a massive step-change in market capability. We are really looking forward to seeing the impacts of this project and the learnings that can be harnessed to best effect to enable the control shift (from producer to consumer) to further blossom.”
(Discussion Forum PM – Business Owners and Publishers, Thursday, July 14, 14.00)

Caroline Frost, Informa Business Information, on the importance of offering training to your young staff:
Young people want training. It gets them engaged in a different way. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or staff time. We’ll hold sessions at lunch sometimes or use internal staff to deliver the sessions. This type of learning also provides added motivation; employees want to feel they’re contributing to something.
(Welcome and Conference Overview, Wednesday, July 13, 9.00)

Dominic Jacquesson, CEO of the consulting group Ink on Dead Trees, on the new world of apps:
“We’ve had more than decade of the web where, to our own discredit, we’ve trained consumers to expect that everything will be for free; we’ve got to hit the reset button on that. Whenever there has been a shift in the past in media platforms—we’ve seen it before with tape to CD, etc…—it gives you a chance to reset pricing models. And that’s what apps are doing. And they are doing it. People have shown willingness to pay for apps and app content…”
(Going Mobile – Lessons for Digital Publishers, Wednesday, July 13, 2.00)

Other key speakers:
Michelle Tempest-Mitchell, head of marketing, UK, publishing & events, (UK & Asia) for Euromoney Insitutional Investor.
David Shepherd, group editor at, the online legal compliance toolkit and data service for human resources professionals and small businesses published by Reed Business Information.
David Gilbertson, former chief executive of Bauer Consumer Media Ltd., Emap Communications Ltd. and Informa PLC.

Join these speakers and more at the…
SIPA UK 17th Annual Congress
13–14 July 2011
Dexter House, 2 Royal Mint Court
Tower Hill, London EC3N 4QN

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