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Mequoda System Habit #1: Implement a Strategic Management System

When running a media business, it is vital to implement a strategic management system, as opposed to operating an old-fashioned command-and-control management system.

Strategic management treats the enterprise as an information producer, and employees are valued for their creativity. Conversely, command-and-control management (your father’s management) treats the enterprise as a machine, with employees viewed as replaceable parts.

Strategic management involves setting specific goals, aligning those goals with the organization’s values, vision and mission, supporting those goals through your day-to-day activities, and finally measuring the success of the overall plan. Implementing a strategic management system in a media environment greatly increases productivity and economic output.



Components of a Strategic Management System

This article was written by Don Nicholas with the help of Jane E. Zarem. It is just one part in a series on the Mequoda System. See below for the rest of this series:

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2. Mequoda System Habit #1: Implement a Strategic Management System
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7. Mequoda System Habit #6: Implement a Mequoda Marketing System
8. Mequoda System Habit #7: Make Metric-Driven Decisions
9. Repeat the Continuous Improvement Cycle

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