Is the Mobile Gap Closing?



Total mobile ad spending nearly doubled in 2013 to $19.3 billion globally, indicating that the gap between traffic migration and monetization might be narrowing, Folio: reports.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the overall rate of growth for mobile ad revenue is 92%.

“Mobile display advertising is the fastest-growing segment, up 123%, which could be good news for publishers. Mobile search advertising and messaging rose 92% and 19%, respectively,” Michael Rondon writes.

“Search still commands the most dollars overall – it claims 48.9% of the market with $9.5 billion – but display is catching up. Display advertising grabbed 41.5% of the market in 2013, up from 38.7 percent in 2012. Messaging accounted for just 9.6% of overall spending, a percentage point higher than 2012.”

North America was tops in mobile ad revenue, with 41.9% of the global market, Folio: says, while Asia-Pacific was second with 38.9%. Latin America, with only 0.7%, actually grew by 215% in 2013, the highest rate in the world.

To read more about the narrowing of the mobile gap, visit Folio:.

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